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Looking for concreters Newcastle, NSW Australia?
Look no further than Newcastle Concreting Solutions.

Our team is a local concrete company with years of relevant experience in the building industry. We provide full concrete solutions for both commercial and residential projects.

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Concreters Newcastle

Trusted & Experienced Concreters Newcastle

Our team is made up of experts and experienced concrete contractors that cover all aspects of concrete installation from new slabs to full-scale commercial projects.

Being a local and trusted business in Newcastle, our Concreters in Newcastle are capable of executing any project, no matter how big. Our projects are executed to the highest standards, and we bring our full expertise to every project we undertake.

Call us on (02) 4058 2693 to get in touch with us today.

Why Choose Newcastle Concreting Solutions For Your Next Project?

Trained and Experienced Local Concreters

Our projects are carried out by licensed contractors who are aware of the significance of providing quality work and achieving high levels of performance. With our stability and a strong reputation for reliability, you can trust our ever-ready professionals to deliver exactly what you want.

Quality Work

We deliver the highest quality on every project we undertake. Our strong reputation and performance in the industry have earned us trust among our customers. Also, our industry network ensures smooth access to the materials and other supplies that you will need for your project. Frequently, these include special prices and discounts that we can pass along to you.

Large Crew

We have a large crew of of concrete contractors. Our crew members are adept at reviewing plans and managing materials. Should you ever have a concern or question concerning your concrete project, our crew members are up to the task.If you ever have a concern or question about your concrete project, our team members are able to assist you.

Safety Standards

We take the right approach to our work and understand all the risks involved in what we do. As a result, we ensure thorough safety standards and precautions. We consider all safety details such as foot traction, moisture, and other environmental hazards. All our design considerations and materials are nothing you need to worry about.


We are prompt professionals and we deliver our work on time. We make sure that every aspect of the project reaches completion before the due date. At the beginning of every project, you'll be given an estimated time view for finished results. Even if you give us short notice, you can be sure that we will answer and do your work quickly.

Our Work is Neat and Clean

Cleanliness is an important part of all our projects. We leave no traces of dirty work. We understand your expectations in terms of convenience, durability, design, and ease of maintenance and ensure to meet your expectations.

Concreter In newcastle

Newcastle's Most Trusted Concrete Contractors

We are the most trusted concreters in Newcastle, Australia. The quality of our work speaks for itself. Choose us if you are looking for an experienced concrete company and top quality workmanship. We always put in our best and we are sure that you will be happy with the results of your project.

The Importance of Using Experienced Newcastle Concreters

Experienced Newcastle concreters are well trained and have decades of experience building concrete. They can keep up with the changes and innovations in the building industry. You should trust your concrete projects to experts. Working with an experienced local concreter will ensure the durability and longevity of your concrete structure.

Arrange Free On-site Estimation With Our Concreters Newcastle

We offer free onsite estimations for your proposed concrete projects. We’ll cover every detail such as the labour and the cost of materials so there is no surprises afterwards. Even without a visit to the site, we can provide accurate prices based on plans, measurements, and images. So get in touch with us today by filling out the online quote form or giving us a call.

Concreter Newcastle - Our Main Services

concreting services Newcastle

Our concrete pool surrounds are a great choice for those wanting an area that looks neat and is functional. Let the top concreters in the business build your pool surrounds if you want long-lasting and cost-efficient construction.

Many times the footpath is one of the main features in an area. Concrete footpaths not only offer firmness and strength. It also offers durability, especially in environments with high traffic. Our concrete footpaths can be made in a variety of designs for aesthetic purposes.

concrete services in Newcastle

Driveways can make a statement about your home. So it’s important to choose the right design and materials. You can choose to keep your concrete driveway simple and beautiful or choose vibrant colours or even exposed aggregate. No matter your choice, you should hire experts that pay attention to detail. We can construct your home or commercial driveway in the exact way you want it to look.

This is a decorative solution for your driveway or pathway. The design involves removing the topmost layer of the cement, leaving the underlying aggregate exposed. This process makes the pathway or driveway slip resistant and durable. The aesthetic is natural and raw and it can improve the outlook of your home.
Concreters Newcastle

House Slabs

Concrete is one of the strongest mixtures for house slabs. It provides great thermal comfort and other lifestyle benefits. Concrete house slabs can be suspended, on-ground, or a combination of both forms. Get in touch with us to discuss your options.

Stamped Concrete​

This is concrete with designs, imprints, or patterns. It is usually textured to resemble slate, stone, brick, wood, flagstone, or tiles.

If you need stamped concrete for aesthetic purposes, we are your best bet. We do not just have the experience, we know the right designs and how to fit them to match each other.

Patio Slab Installation Newcastle

Concrete Patio slabs can be made of natural materials like bluestone or limestone, but concrete patios offer the most durability.

Manufactured concrete can be used instead of natural materials to create patio slabs. You’ll get the best finishes and unique qualities.

A strong concrete shed slab foundation is important for garages and sheds. Your garage will most likely house your cars and other heavy equipment so the ground under needs to be strong.

We know how to achieve the best results. We will slightly raise the shed slab so that water doesn’t accumulate in the shed and ruin your garage equipment.

Coloured Concrete

Coloured concrete is also called decorative concrete. It is a form of traditional grey concrete that has different colours of stains and dyes. It beautifies your pathways and driveways.

We can build the colour concrete to suit your taste. We also make sure that the colours don’t fade with time and that the concrete remains durable.

You might need a wall to hold back soil or water in your surroundings.

Concrete Retaining walls are best for this purpose. Made with concrete, our retaining walls are rigid and support the soil safely. It can also retain the soil to the right slope and prevent erosion.

concreting services Newcastle

Excavation and Site Preparation Work

When you want to develop a piece of land, the first thing to do is to excavate the site. This is not a simple process and you need the best hands for this kind of job.

We understand how crucial this excavation is. If you’re looking for experts to handle all the excavation and preparation aspects of your site, call Newcastle Concreting Solutions to get the job done.

Industrial and Commercial Work

Whether you deal in manufacturing or the sale of products and services, we can handle your concrete projects. We know the best concrete designs for industrial, commercial, and other large scale projects.

Other Services We Provide

Concrete Pumping

If you are undergoing large-scale constructions and need to transfer liquid concrete, we are the best concrete pumping experts available.

Concrete Stairs

We build durable concrete stairs that can withstand heavy foot traction and the continuous movement of people.

Decorative Concrete

Also known as coloured concrete, our decorative concrete is beautiful, lasts long, and does not fade.

Form Work

We create the best temporary mould that can hold the concrete together for a long time until it forms into the desired shape.

Concrete Repair and Resurfacing

We can repair and resurface concrete. Our projects are durable and void of cracks.

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